5 Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Website

You have a website but you're just not getting new customers online. It's an all too common problem we hear and there can be many reasons why your website isn't bringing in new customers. Don't be a victim of the pitfalls. Learn the five mistakes businesses make with their website, and what it takes to turn your website into a lead generating machine.


Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Website

#1 An Outdated Website

An old and outdated looking website is a real turn off for website visitors. It may lead your potential customers to believe you are no longer an active business, provide outdated information, or doesn't contain your current services.

Outdated websites are typically not responsive as well (don't look good on mobile devices) and for the millions who search via mobile devices daily, a non-responsive site is a sure way to lose those customers.

Be sure you are continually updating your website to create the best user experience on both desktop and mobile.

#2 Your Message is Not Clear

One of the most common problems when you visit many websites is that the message is not clear. You may find a logo and photo, but is it 100% clear to your visitors in the first 30 seconds exactly what you have to offer your potential customers?

Make sure all photos and text tell your story, follow your branding, and communicate what you can do for your customers. Give them a reason to stay on your site and look around.

Find out what your customers need and put it front and center.

#3 You're Not Providing Enough Information

Once you've captured your potential customers' attention, you'll need to provide them with more information to help them make an informed decision about your business.

Don't simply offer a small listing of services, create a full page for each service explaining exactly what you can do for them in detail.

Show examples of your work. Create a gallery or list examples of projects you've worked on. This helps your customers visualize how you'd be a good fit for them.

Provide social proof. Add a section for testimonials and a page of reviews from previous customers telling these prospective customers how wonderful you are and why they should call you right away.

#4 You've Targeted the Wrong Audience

What if you've done all these things and still aren't generating any new leads. It's possible you have targeted the wrong audience.

Take some time and do some research to find out exactly who your best customer is, what they like, and how you can help them.

Ask some of your best customers to take a survey to provide you with a snapshot of what is important to them and how it relates to your business. You can also run some test ad campaigns to see which result has the best return.

Focus your website and your digital marketing plan around that customer profile.

#5 You're Not Capturing Their Information

It's important to remember that most people do not buy or choose a business to connect with on the first visit to your website. People do online research, ask friends for recommendations, and look for reviews before committing.

This is where you have the opportunity to offer a solution to their problem, gain their contact information, and follow up with more details on how your business is the right choice for them.

Creating an effective sales funnel is essential for creating and nurturing your customer relationships, and keeping contact through e-mail campaigns.

Don't allow your website let potential customers get away. Paying attention to these five simple details will help you turn your dead site into a lead generating machine, providing you with the very best long term customers.

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