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10 Local Online Listings Every Business Should Have August 10, 2017

Published by: Tracy Iseminger

There are many local online listings or citations that businesses can secure to help improve searchability. While there are industry specific directories, there are some key local online listings that are essential for any niche in helping your customers find you.

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What is a Citation?

Simply speaking, a citation is your business name, address, and phone number that are listed online.  It may be found in local online listings, directories, industry specific referral sites, review sites, etc…

The key is to find relevant sites for your citations and then make sure each of them is identical as to not confuse search engines and customers. When you have outdated addresses and phone numbers or subtle variations, it can cause a negative impact on your business.LEARN MORE ABOUT COUGAR DIGITAL’S CITATION SERVICES Learn More

10 Local Online Listings for Every Business:

These 10 local online listings will give you a strong start in being found in search results, however, there are hundreds of options and niche citations that are equally as important.

How Do I Get More Citations?

There are two ways to secure accurate online citations. You may do it manually by submitting to each website individually yourself, or you can use an aggregator that does the work for you. The drawback of aggregators is they typically are subscription based and once you stop paying for the service, you lose your accurate listings.

To help you decide which local online listings you should invest your time in, take a look at “Top Local Citations by Category” from Moz, or take a minute to learn more about our online citations and citations clean-up services and let the professionals handle it for you!

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