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5 Mistakes Businesses Make With their Google My Business Listing Making the Most of Google's Free Online Directory

Josh Kandle

Josh Kandle

5 minute read, 60 minute video


In this blog recap of the The Emerging Role of Google My Business webinar, we talk about Google My Business listings and the ways in which many companies fail to take advantage of this free resource.

How Optimized is Your Google My Business Listing?

Google My Business (GMB) offers a suite of tools businesses can use to enhance their presence on the search engine results page. Yet many companies underutilize this free resource from Google. As we recap our The Emerging Role of Google My Business webinar, here are five mistakes businesses make with their Google My Business listing.

  • 1

    Not Creating a Listing or Claiming an Existing One

    Google’s popularity for search is the number one reason to own your Google My Business Listing. Owning your listing gives you the opportunity to add a ton of great information that will help users find, get to know, and interact with your business.

  • 2

    Being Stingy with Photos & Videos

    The opportunity to show, not tell, is a big perk of having an optimized Google My Business listing. With branded photos and videos (up to 30 seconds long), you can give users a preview of your team, your products, and the experience they will have doing business with you.

  • 3

    Setting it and Forgetting It

    Your customers and potential customers are out there, writing reviews, asking questions, and even suggesting edits to your listing—which may be automatically published if you don't approve or deny them within a certain time frame. Actively maintaining your GMB listing means responding to those reviews, answering those questions, and managing updates to ensure your listing is always the most accurate representation of your business. 

  • 4

    Not Using Google Posts

    Google Posts has effectively replaced the Google+ social network, which went largely unused by businesses and consumers alike. Instead, Google Posts are now integrated with the Google My Business page and provide an opportunity to share news, information, events, and promotions on some pretty prime-time real estate. The caveat? Regular posts expire after seven days—events and promotions can last longer but still must have an end date.

  • 5

    Not Utilizing Messaging & Partner Integrations

    When used properly, Google My Business gives users a seamless experience between searching for products and services and buying them. Businesses that take appointments or reservations can utilize software integrations that enable users to schedule without ever leaving Google. For other businesses, messaging can be enabled to facilitate easier conversation between business and consumer. 

Making the most out of GMB features is one of the best investments you can make in marketing your business.

Want to learn more tips and tricks about Google My Business? Watch the webinar recording, and get in touch with our Google experts to get started. 

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