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5 Reasons You Need a Video Marketing Strategy It's Not Just About Demographics Anymore

Tracy Iseminger

Tracy Iseminger

15 minute read


Today, more than ever, your customers are finding you online through search engines and social media platforms. The popularity of video continues to increase as YouTube and Facebook climb higher in becoming a search engine in itself. Videos are reaching a bigger audience every day and if you haven't started formulating your video marketing strategy, now is the time.

Make a Connection

Video gives your business the opportunity to make a connection with your customers. Let them get to know you, your team, your building, what you offer, and more.

Take a virtual tour of the office, chat with employees, talk with customers and share testimonials. The options are endless.

Live videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are easy and a great way to make that connection.

Answer Questions

Everybody has questions about your services. What are they? Take the time to create professional videos that explain in depth what you have to offer and answer the most common questions.

Sure, you can have a FAQ page on your website but it is really impersonal. Explaining through video lends the opportunity for the customer to start to trust you and your qualifications for your service.

Cougar Digital Video Marketing Services

Rank Higher in Search Results

As stated earlier, social media has become its own search engine and Google and other search engines recognize that. You will find YouTube videos surfing the top slots in search engine results getting you seen by a bigger audience!

Increase Sales

By offering an additional resource for consumers to find you that speaks to your social proof, you'll increase your sales conversions. Studies have shown that people are more likely to purchase a product on mobile after watching a video.

Use the videos to target specific services you offer and lead potential customers to your sales funnel so you can stay in touch and make the sale.

It's EASY! Why Not?

There are many reasons businesses shy away from video from worrying how they will look, will the ROI be worth the cost, it's time-consuming, it's too hard, etc...

In reality, today video is mainstream and varies greatly from videos shot from your smartphone to professionally done videos. It's easier and more affordable than you think.

Most of your worries and fears can easily be laid to rest once you get started!


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