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Google My Business Learning Center

The Google My Business Learning Center

Our Google My Business Learning Center is part of the Cougar Digital SEO Corner of the internet featuring quick tips that can help any small business owner increase their visibility in local search results on-line.

What can you do with Google My Business?






Josh Kandle

Search Captain

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How to claim your free Google My Business listing

Watch our short video on how to claim your Google My Business profile or scroll down for written directions if that’s more your style.


Google offers a free “Google My Business” listing that shows up in branded search results. Every business should establish and claim a Google My Business listing. It’s the first step in establishing a foothold in Google’s ecosystem and an increasingly important part of local SEO.


Time to complete:

8 Minutes (unless you opt for the postcard and then it’s 7 days ; )


  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Click on the “Start Now” button in the upper right corner. (you’ll be prompted to log-in as Google wants to know who to associate the business with.)
  3. Enter your business details and click “Continue”
  4. If the business has already been claimed Google will let you know that information and you’ll be able to see the first 2 letters of the email address that is associated with the listing. You can request ownership using the button and Google will send an e-mail to the current owner.
  5. If the business has not been claimed, Google will want you to verify the business by entering in a code. You can either have the code mailed, texted or telephoned to you. Mailing takes the longest but sometimes is the only choice presented. Both texting and the telephone options are almost instantaneous as they send a code to your device and you plug it in and Whamo! you’re verified.
  6. At this point you’ll be taken to the Google My Business dashboard, which you can get back to at any time by visiting the same website: and choosing the “Sign-in” option. This dashboard is useful as it allows you to control a bunch of information about your business that is visible in the search engine results pages i.e. to prospective customers. Also, when you completely fill out your profile and optimize it by adding photos and business hours you send a trust message to Google that you are a business that is present and accounted for. The more of those messages you can send to Google the better.

Now go claim your Google My Business listing and start increasing your on-line visibility today.



Got it claimed? Now it’s time to optimize it to its full potential.

Watch our short video on how to optimize your Google My Business profile. With a little leg work you can upgrade your profile to 5 star status.

How to use the new Google My Business “Posts” feature to take up more SERP real estate with your core content.

In it’s never ending quest to capture the heart and mind of the internet Google has rolled out the ability for business owners to instantly “Post” content to their knowledge graph. This is a great low hanging fruit as it can easily get more of your core content in front of searchers and also pushes down the “People also searched for” section, which usually happens to be your competitors. 

Plus check out Joy Hawkins’ case study on the impact of Google Posts on ranking.

How to leverage the new “Messaging/Chat” feature on your Google My Business profile.

Have you ever thought about giving your prospective customers the ability to chat directly with your business? Google has made it super simple from the GMB dashboard. This is a new feature and consequently not a lot of end users are a utilizing it. However, setting it up now gives prospective customers an easy way to reach out as more and more people become aware of this feature.

Short On Time?

Get this information emailed to yourself in pdf format so you can chew on it after hours.


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