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Google’s New Local Service Ads Are Changing the Search Engine Results Page What You Need to Know About Staying at the Top

Ashley Hite

Ashley Hite

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Google recently introduced a new advertising platform for service-based industries that enables simple, effective listings to appear above both organic and paid search results—putting local businesses right in front of the people most likely to invest in their services. 

This is what a Local Service Ad looks like.

local service ad for Seattle plumber

A New Opportunity for Service-Based Businesses

Local Service Ads (LSAs) are the latest and greatest way Google is keeping the digital world on its toes. This new ad format has had a slow rollout over the past couple of years, as they added new metropolitan areas and service industries to the offering.

Now, LSAs are available nearly everywhere in the U.S. for many of the most searched-for services, including:

  • HVAC

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Moving

  • Pet Care

  • Pest Control

  • Photography

  • Cleaning

  • Automotive

  • Home Improvement & Repair

How Do They Work?

LSAs are simple ads with a few key features that differentiate them from other online advertising. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • It's hyper-local.

    Local Service Ads will only show up when the user is within a designated service area, so your ads appear before the people most likely to use your service.

  • Whereas most Google Search Ads are pay-per-click, LSAs are pay-per-lead.

    That means you’re only paying for the people who contact you.

  • Relevance and good customer service are key

    That means you’re only paying for the people who contact you.

  • You can get “Google Guaranteed.”

    Jumping through a few hoops (like a background check) enables you to get a Google Guaranteed badge on your ad, which gives users confidence in your brand and services.

  • LSAs are integrated into voice search.

    LSAs are the first and only ads that are compatible with voice search, which means getting hired can be as easy as “OK Google, I need a plumber.”

  • You're in charge.

    The LSA dashboard handles customer communication, scheduling, and ads management. You have complete control over the whole operation.

I’m Already Advertising on Google. Why Should I Care?

Local Service Ads actually appear above both Google Search Ads and organic search results. If you’re already advertising on Google, your ads could be pushed farther down on the page. If you’re not advertising, there’s even less real estate for your site to appear organically.

Cougar Digital Marketing & Design Team

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