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4 Steps to Convert Website Visitors Into Paying Customers It's Not Just About Demographics Anymore

Tracy Iseminger

Tracy Iseminger

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You have a business website, but where are the customers? This is an all too frequent problem we see with small businesses online. The customers are making it to the website so we know there is interest in the product, however, those visitors are not producing sales. Take these 4 easy steps to convert website visitors into paying customers today!

Optimize Your Website

Having an optimized website is the number one factor in keeping visitors on your website. If your site is outdated, looks old, loads slowly, etc... you will lose your customers before they even start browsing.

Hire a professional to make sure your website is clean, fast, easy to navigate, and mobile ready. This will make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for and spend more time on your site.

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Add Testimonials

Adding reviews and testimonials to your website allows visitors to quickly and easily hear what others love about you. Consumers rely on social proof when making buying decisions. Giving them easy access without leaving your site makes it easier for them to click the "buy" button faster.

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Make an Offer

Maybe your website visitor is just shopping. After navigating around the site learning more about who you are and what you have to offer, they decide to navigate away without buying. Don't let them go without making them an offer!

Utilize a sales funnel to offer them something of value to capture visitor information, whether it be an email or phone number. Consider sending a discount code, downloadable resources, or useful tips. Create a giveaway that will entice your visitors to buy or at least give you a way to connect in the future.

Stay Connected

If you were able to capture an email or phone number through your sales funnel, don't just let that valuable asset sit around. Keep in contact.

Implement a mail drip to stay in contact, provide valuable information and offers. Use it to create an ongoing relationship and eventually they will come to you when they need your services.

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