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How to Use Facebook for Small Businesses Using Social Media to Engage & Convert Your Audience

Tracy Iseminger

Tracy Iseminger

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As a digital marketing company, we often get asked by clients if using Facebook is necessary for small businesses and how to use Facebook to create new customers. The answer isn't universal for all markets, but for most, Facebook is essential for small businesses to help new customers and drive sales. Decide if it's right for you.

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Pages vs. Groups

The first thing small businesses need to decide is if they would like to run a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group.

Pages are a place to showcase your business and share useful information. It will allow users to interact with posts by commenting or "liking" but conversation is limited.

Groups are much like forums. It allows members to post freely to promote conversations among the group. Groups take much more time and energy to monitor for spam but offer a unique opportunity to really engage on a personal level.

Most small businesses will thrive with only a Facebook Page and only a few will take it to the next step hosting a group.

Finding Your Audience

Finding your target audience will take some trial and error. Post content that appeals to different demographics and gauge how well it performs.

Use the insights page to help you determine who is engaging most on your page and tailor your posts and ads to this market.

When you find the right demographic, you will find engagement goes up and referrals to your website will increase.

Engaging Your Audience

Once you've found your target demographic, it's time to create engaging content and interact on a personal level.

Share posts from other Facebook Pages that are already popular. This way you know they will perform well on your page as well.

Respond to those who comment on your posts to show you are active and care about them.

Converting Your Audience

Converting your audience is perhaps the hardest part of using Facebook. Getting people to "like" your page and engage is not so hard, but driving the sale can be tough.

Use your posts not only to share engaging content but to send a subtle call to action as well. Be sure not to spam followers with mass links to your own site and only talk about yourself. This will drive them away quickly.

Once you've found posts that are performing well, "boost" those to your target audience leading them to your website. Run similar ads via the Ads Manager.

Growing Relationships

Take the opportunity to grow relationships with your followers. Ask questions that will help you improve your service or products. Tell stories, introduce yourself and your staff, give them virtual tours with Facebook Live, etc...

Let them get to know you and give you feedback to improve your service.

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