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Plan and Promote Your Event Successfully with an Event Marketing Strategy 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Get Started

Tracy Iseminger

Tracy Iseminger

7 minute read


To effectively promote your event online, you must consider all aspects of an event campaign and develop a plan to reach your target audience with the right materials.

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Start Event Planning by Answering a Few Simple Questions

You can have the biggest and best event planned, but without a solid event marketing plan, very few will know about it. Cougar Digital has put together a package to help you successfully promote your event from start to finish to make your event planning stress free.

  • Who is Your Target Audience?

    Who will be attending this event? Where do they hang out?

  • How Will You Reach Your Audience?

    Direct Mailers, Online Ads, Social Media

  • Do You Have a Dedicated Website or Event Page?

    Do you need a dedicated website or a landing page made for the event? Will you need online registration? 

  • What Materials Do I Need to Promote Your Event?

    Mailers, Invitations, Banners, Flyers, Signs, Etc...

By taking some time to define your plan you can ensure your event promotion will go smoothly and be effective at finding the right audience and lead to a successful event.

Cougar Digital will sit down with you to help you get started on answering these questions, brand your event start to finish and customize your event promotion to fit your needs.


Cougar Digital Marketing Team at a Park

Ready to Plan & Promote Your Event?

Work with Cougar Digital to plan your event and start promoting your event to the right audience. We offer a long list of services to fulfill all your needs.

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