Reading Your Monthly SEO Report It's Not Just About Demographics Anymore

Tracy Iseminger

Tracy Iseminger

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As part of our SEO package, we will supply you with monthly SEO reports for your website which may include a variety of information that can be useful in guiding you further in increasing your SEO rank and marketing strategies. We'll will break down what each section you may find means and how that information relates to your site.



At the top of each report in the "Notes" section, you may find a bit of feedback on how your website is performing overall, address any known issues and make some useful suggestions.

Website Performance and Metrics

Moz and Majestic are two well known and powerful tools for evaluating your website performance and predicts how well it will perform in search engine results. It takes into consideration many factors including how old your site is, fresh content, appropriate link-backs to your site, site speed, usability, and more.

The program we use to bring this to you does an excellent job explaining what each section of this report means.

See Raven Tools SEO Metrics Definitions.

  • Visits

    How many visits to your website

  • Page Views

    How many pages total were viewed during those visits

  • Pages Per Visit

    The average number of pages each visitor views on your site per visit.

  • Average Time on Site

    The average time a visitor spends browsing your website

Organic Google & Bing Search & Keyword Performance

This area gives you a breakdown of how your website is performing in Google Search Results by providing a list of keywords people are using to find your site, your average rank, how many queries and clicks, etc...

  • Query Count

    The number of terms that showed your website in search results

  • Clicks

    How many clicks you had to your website for those queries

  • Impressions

    How many times your web pages were viewed in search results

  • Click Through Rate (CTR)

    The average times your web pages are clicked on based on impressions

Inbound Referral Source & Landing Page Summary

Included in this section are the top referring social websites as well as the page those sites are driving traffic to according to Google Analytics.

This is highly valuable information as it will tell you what websites are working to bring you traffic and what your customers are looking for.

From this information, you can create a marketing strategy, promoting your popular pages with social media posts or ad campaigns. It also may guide you on topics for blog posts with more in-depth information that your customers would in enjoy reading, thus creating a more authoritative voice in your niche improving your SEO rank.

Competitor Monitor

In this section, you will find a list of your top competitors and a breakdown of how your website is ranking online against theirs, including Moz Quality and Rank, Domain Authority, number of pages, and number of back links. If you have specific competitors you'd like to monitor, please notify us to add them to your report. 

Social Media Summary

If you have chosen to work with us and have chosen one of our social media management packages, you may see some insights in this area for each social media network including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

It will give you a quick glance at things such as page "likes", retweets, new followers, etc...

Custom Data

From time to time, we might find some custom information we'd like to share such as keyword feedback, competition comparisons, and more.

Backlinks (Separate Report Available Upon Request)

Back links are simply websites in which google has found and recognized who have linked to your site for one reason or another. The most popular link backs to a business website being directories that guide customers to your page or social media shares on blog content. The more quality back links you have to your website, you will gain trust among search engines in being an authority in your niche, therefore increasing your SEO rank.

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Want to Learn More?

Please feel free to reach out anytime to our team at Cougar Digital if you have any questions on your monthly SEO reports. We are always available to discuss what you find and ideas to help you to continue you grow.