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Online Reviews Reputation Building Build your brand, create trust, and attract new customers

Positive customer reviews may be the single most effective marketing you can do for your business. But how do you do it? Isn't asking for reviews awkward? 

We make it easy for your customers to spread the good word about your business on the sites that matter. Our tool helps you tactfully ask and remind customers for feedback, guides them through the online review process, and gives you a chance to reach dissatisfied customers before they write a negative review.

Here's how it works!

Watch the video to learn how our online business review services can help your business grow.

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"The Review Manager service from Cougar Digital Marketing & Design is terrific! I have wanted to get reviews for years but felt awkward about asking. This service makes it easy, and the response has been phenomenal! 5 Stars and more!!"  

- George Hefter

TCT Computer Solutions

Getting reviews on a variety of on-line sites like these is great for SEO and exposes more potential customers to your services.

Talk with us today about how to put an automated review funnel in place to help build your on-line reputation.


Ready to see how our Review Management Services can boost your business?

 Let's talk about putting some jet fuel in your review tank!

Free customized pdf asset geared towards showing clients how to leave an online review for your business

Want to get started gathering reviews on your own?

We offer a free 1 page pdf, customized for your business that requests a review and walks the customer through how to leave a review on 3 of the most popular social media platforms. Simply hand out this form to the clients you serve. Send us your name, business name and email address and we'll customize your "Review Invite PDF" and email it to you on the double. Did we mention it's free? 

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