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How to Create an E-Mail Signature That Rocks

Travis Hartliep, Custom E-Mail Signature

E-mail is an essential form of communication for any business. With more people on the go with busy schedules, a vast majority of discussions take place via the inbox. How can you leverage that communication? A powerful e-mail signature. Want to know how to create an e-mail signature that rocks? Let’s take a look at…

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10 Local Online Listings Every Business Should Have

local online listings & citations

There are many local online listings or citations that businesses can secure to help improve searchability. While there are industry specific directories, there are some key local online listings that are essential for any niche in helping your customers find you. What is a Citation? Simply speaking, a citation is your business name, address, and…

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4 Steps to Convert Website Visitors Into Paying Customers

4 Easy Steps to Convert Website Visitors into Paying Customers

You have a business website, but where are the customers? This is an all too frequent problem we see with small businesses online. The customers are making it to the website so we know there is interest in the product, however, those visitors are not producing sales. Take these 4 easy steps to convert website…

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Why Are your Competitors Ranking Higher Than You?


You may wonder “why are your competitors ranking higher than you?” when you see your name in search further down the list. There are many ranking factors that come into play and some simple steps you can take to help move your business to the top. The collective term for things you can do that influence how…

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How User Reviews Generate New Customers

If you don’t do anything else for your business website, do this one thing. User reviews. User reviews generate new customers. The numbers from studies are significant, showing that online reviews greatly impact people’s decision-making when it comes to businesses they can trust. More and more people are doing research and shopping online. It’s essential that…

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5 Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Website


You have a website but you’re just not getting new customers online. It’s an all too common problem we hear and there can be many reasons why your website isn’t bringing in new customers. Don’t be a victim of the pitfalls. Learn the five mistakes businesses make with their website, and what it takes to…

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Creating Your Digital Marketing Strategy in Seven Easy Steps


Earn more customers tomorrow with an effective digital marketing strategy today! In today’s competitive market, a digital marketing strategy is essential. Without a proper plan, you can be wasting thousands of dollars with no results. An effective plan requires just a little bit of time and research upfront, along with a commitment for ongoing evaluations.…

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Four Reasons Your Facebook Ad Isn’t Generating Clicks

Four Reasons Your Facebook Ad Isn't Generating Clicks | Cougar Digital Marketing

You did it. You finally pulled the trigger and set up your own Facebook ad campaign for your small business.Now just sit back and let the calls come flooding in right?No. In fact, many Facebook ads placed perform poorly and don’t generate clicks or calls at all.Why? Well, there are a few things to consider.…

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What is a Sales Funnel and Why You Need One

What is a Sales Funnel? In the simplest terms, a sales funnel is a means of converting website visitors into customers. The goal being to guide visitors through your website, showing them exactly what services you provide that they can benefit from, and completion of a final sales action whether it be leaving an email…

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How Does Online Customer Reputation and Review Management Work?


The key is leading your customers to directly to the places you need your reviews most and let them share it directly with that platform and doing so is quite easy! Direct review ratings on Google and Facebook will show up in your search results, in turn, these high ratings will boost your search engine…

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