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Social Media Marketing

5 Reasons You Need a Video Marketing Strategy

Cougar Digital Video Marketing Services

Today, more than ever, your customers are finding you online through search engines and social media platforms. The popularity of video continues to increase as YouTube and Facebook climb higher in becoming a search engine in itself. Videos are reaching a bigger audience every day and if you haven’t started formulating your video marketing strategy,…

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How to Use Facebook for Small Businesses

How to Use Facebook for Small Businesses

As a digital marketing company, we often get asked by clients if using Facebook is necessary for small businesses and how to use Facebook to create new customers. The answer isn’t universal for all markets, but for most, Facebook is essential for small businesses to help new customers and drive sales. Decide if it’s right…

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How to Make Professional Looking Video Without Breaking the Bank

How to Make Professional Looking Video Without Breaking the Bank!

Video is BIG in the digital marketing world. Today, video is used on a variety of platforms online from your website to many social media channels.  It creates the opportunity to connect with customers on a different level and lets you communicate exactly what you have to offer. While professional video services offer video footage…

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5 Facebook Tips for Small Businesses


Go Visual Consumers love graphics.  Your message will likely be more attractive and better received by your potential customers if you use large attractive graphics and video. Capture their attention and engage them, enticing them to click through to your website. Include a Call to Action Don’t just give out valuable information without guiding the…

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Why Do I Need a Social Media Marketing Strategy?


Many small businesses today are still relying on traditional advertising campaigns and word of mouth as their only source of referrals. However, with such a large percentage of the population using digital media daily, establishing your presence online is a must. A great website is a good start to show your customers what you have…

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