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Does My Business Need a Blog? Your Questions About Business Blogging, Answered


With all the talk of SEO and increasing your customer reach digitally, the topic comes up often, and many are confused as to why they would need a blog if they already have a business website. The fact is your business website and a blog offer two entirely different values to your customers.

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The Answer is YES!

More and more, businesses are realizing the benefit of adding a blog to their existing website to help grow relationships with future customers and build the authority in their niche.

Blogging about topics your customers are interested in that answers their questions, shows them you are an expert in your field and brings them back to your business page so they are able to contact you for further help.It also makes it easy for your customers to share this valuable information with friends and family who might also be interested via social media.In terms of SEO, adding blog posts is an easy way to be sure search engines know your website is still active and offer a deeper insight into what your website is about with additional pages with targeted keywords.

Your Business Website Gives Customers a Broad Overview of a Few Things:

  • Who you are

  • Where you're located

  • What services you offer

  • How to contact you

A Blog Offers Your Business an Opportunity to Grow and Build Customer Relationships By:

  • Establishing authority in your niche

  • Increasing SEO by adding website pages with relevant keywords

  • Creating shareable social media content

  • Answering your customers' questions with more in-depth articles

How Often Should My Business Blog?

Answering this question can be different for everyone. I really is determined how much time to you want to invest and how much information to have to share with your customers.No matter how often you decide to blog, it should be consistent.Most businesses will find that posting a few articles a month is a good start as they start to grow more interest from customers and page views increase.

From there, it’s nice to increase the number to once a week even all the way up to three times a week.Several large businesses blog daily or even multiple times a day!Eventually, you will develop a deeper understanding of your customers and what information they are looking for and show interest in.  This will guide you what to post and how often, building stronger relationships with customers and ultimately growing your business.

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