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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ? What You Need to Know About Ranking Online

Tracy Iseminger

Tracy Iseminger

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is exactly as it sounds. Simply put, SEO is optimizing your business or brand to be found and rank highly on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The confusing part is deciphering what exactly you need to do for optimization as there is no set rule or single thing you can do to improve your ranking. SEO encompasses a multi-layer approach utilizing many different strategies to improve your overall relevance and thus improving your site visibility.

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Search Engine Optimization Starts with a Well-Built, User-Friendly Website

Having a professional handle this task will ensure all of the backend details are just what search engines like to see such as mobile friendly (responsive), image alt tags, meta descriptions, page titles, defined keywords, H1 & H2 titles, proper schema, etc....

Having a well-built website is not enough anymore with the wide range of competition. In a sense, search engines don't just want to know you exist, they want to know that you are relevant and engaging.  An expert per say. This increases your authority in your field, therefore, increasing your "rank" in searches.

There are many ways to build this authority to start reaching your customers including but not limited to:

  • Content Creation

    Adding a blog to your website is one of the easiest ways to keep producing relevant and authoritative information in your niche. Continually updating your site with new content also shows the search engines your business still exists and is active. Once you have some blog posts, you then can start promoting them via social media and forums, reaching an even wider audience and driving traffic back to your website.

  • Social Media

    Most of your customers spend a fair amount of time on at least one or more social media platforms. By creating your brand page on social media, you give customers another outlet to reach out to you as well as become educated from your postings.  Search engines also recognize high engagement on social media posts and you may find your social media posting ranking high in search.

  • Update Landing Pages on Website

    Information is ever-changing and search engines recognize that. Make sure that you go back and revisit your pages on your website regularly and update them and make sure they are still relevant to your readers today.

  • Quality Backlinks

    Search Engines love to see high-quality sites that are relevant to your readers linking to your site. This shows them that you are an authoritative voice in your niche. The best way to accomplish this is with "white hat" methods and nurture relationships with those businesses.

  • Citations & Directory Listings

    A popular and easy way to build backlinks to your website is listing your site on directory pages in your niche. It is important to make sure that your listings are consistent across all directories so not to confuse Search Engines.

  • Testimonials

    Receiving and sharing customer/client feedback in the form of on-site testimonials is one of the best ways to show readers what you have to offer. They in turn are more likely to use your services and share your site.

  • Email Marketing

    Creating a newsletter to send out to existing customers/clients is a wonderful way to send out information to your readers and drive traffic back to your website and social media sites. Every opportunity you have to drive traffic back to your pages, you are increasing your SEO.

  • Self Promotion

    Never underestimate the word of mouth. Talk about yourself and your business to friends and customers and never be afraid to ask them to visit your website. They will likely give you the very best testimonials and refer the best customers which will increase your authority in your niche in the long run!

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