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Residential & commercial pest control services Harvest Valley Pest Control

Harvest Valley Pest Control approached us to take on their Google Ads, as their previous provider had pivoted into another area of the industry. As a young company with six locations across eastern Washington, they wanted to increase their reach to new clients across their entire service area.

The Strategy Taking Over an Existing Google Ads Account

Harvest Valley's Google Ads were already performing quite well, but there were some specific areas we needed to optimize to achieve a better bang for their buck.

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  • Remarketing

    We implemented a remarketing campaign on Google's Display Network to re-engage users who had been to the site and left.

  • Call Tracking

    We installed call tracking to get detailed information about who is calling and from where.

  • Cut Wasted Spend

    We eliminated ads and keywords that were confusing to users and resulted in a lot of wasted ad spend.

  • Bid Adjustments

    After evaluating the success of existing keywords, we adjusted bids significantly according to performance in order to maximize the budget.

  • Call-Only Ads

    Call-only ads are perfect for service-based businesses because they make it extremely easy for prospective customers to call you right from the ad.

  • Updating Ad Text

    We replaced the existing ad text with more relevant, keyword-rich ads that used the new expanded text ad format, which allows for additional title and description text.

The Results: Google Ad Campaign 3 Month Snapshot from May - August 2019

*compared to previous ad performance  |  All statistics pulled from Google Analytics & Wordstream

In the first 2.5 months of managing Google Ads for Harvest Valley Pest Control, we were able to make significant strides in improving their ROI:


Lower Cost Per Click


Increase in Average Monthly Clicks


More Efficient Growth


Savings Over 3 Months
5 stars

"As a business owner I have an extremely high value on a marketing agency that is not just an agency but a true partner. That is what I feel about Cougar Digital Marketing!! It's been like having a world class marketing department even though I only have 15 employees. For our particular business, our Google strategy is the most important part of our marketing and lead generation. I've been highly impressed with their Google strategy and execution. Since taking over our Google accounts we've seen click through and conversion rates go up and the price per click go down! I would recommend the team at Cougar without hesitation!!"

David Kaylor
Harvest Valley Pest Control
Harvest Valley Pest Control

What's next? Diving into Local Service Ads

Harvest Valley had also noticed that Google's new Local Service Ads had been pushing down both organic and paid results on Google. The service had only recently become available in eastern Washington, and they wanted to be a part of it from the very beginning.

Local Service Ad setup What We Did

Google Local Service Ads are a brand new beast to tackle in the digital marketing world. It was difficult to know what to expect, so we helped Harvest Valley get established in this arena. We began the lengthy setup process, which included:

  • Creating a Manager account to easily manage all of Harvest Valley's locations

  • Working directly with Google to set up profiles for each location

  • Optimizing their LSA profile with their list of services, licensing and insurance information, and contact details

  • Submitting background checks for the business owner and the business entity itself-two background checks for each location.

  • Setting weekly budgets for each location

The results: Local Service Ads 5 Week Snapshot

All statistics pulled from Google's LSA Dashboard

Thanks to their Local Service Ad, which features a Google Guarantee and their excellent 5-star service rating, Harvest Valley now appears at the very top of the search results and Google Ads. They are consistently appearing above one of their top competitors (who also uses Local Service Ads), and they have gotten 27 new clients in less than two months.

local service ads on phone

61 Qualified Leads

27 Appointments Booked

44% Conversion Rate