Harvest Valley Pest Control Google Advertising Success Story

Harvest Valley Pest Control approached us to take on their Google Ads, as their previous provider had pivoted into another area of the industry. As a young company with six locations across eastern Washington, they wanted to increase their reach to new clients across their entire service area.

They had also noticed that Google’s new Local Service Ads had been pushing down both organic and paid results on Google. The service had only recently become available in eastern Washington, and they wanted to be a part of it from the very beginning.

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Cougar Digital Marketing Success Story

team working at desks

The best success stories are your own! You wouldn’t work with us if we weren’t successful ourselves right?

Cougar Digital started as just one guy working out of a home office… today, we have grown to a staff of seven located in an office in West Richland. We take all our unique skills and put them to work for ourselves, find what works, fine tune it, and bring it to you!

We continue to grow and learn every day to be sure we keep your business on the cutting edge of digital marketing!

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Elements Magazine Digital Marketing Success Story

Cougar Digital worked closely with the people at Elements Magazine to produce a high quality, professional and mobile responsive website.

It was imperative that the website was able to showcase current and past issues of the magazine, provide snippets, and accommodate subscriptions for full articles.

In addition, Elements creators requested to showcase the many societies they are affiliated with as well, leading us to create a “societies” page for readers to connect to additional organizations.

Elements was a large e-commerce style website and continues to grow.

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Game On! Mobile Entertainment Digital Marketing Success Story

Game On! Tri-Cities has long been a friend of Cougar Digital Marketing. It wasn’t until January of 2017 did they come to us wanting to bring their small mobile game truck business to the next level.

After discussing in detail the goals of Game On!, we launched a full SEO campaign including social media, content creation, digital ads, and an updated and optimized responsive website.

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Walker Heye Meehan Eisinger Attorneys Digital Marketing Success Story

When the Walker Heye group of attorneys approached us, they were in need of an updated website to highlight the expansion of the practice to include new attorneys and a marketing strategy to boost them to the top of search results in this competitive niche.

After a full website and competitor analysis, we determined the best digital marketing strategy was a full SEO campaign including a new responsive website.

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