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Amazon Advertising Showcase Your Products Where it Counts

There are dozens of factors that influence where your product appears in Amazon search results and product pages. Amazon advertising can be one of the quickest ways to a return on investment—or it can be a huge money pit.  Professional Amazon advertising management helps helps ensure that you're in camp ROI. 


Proven Targeting Techniques To Boost Your Product Visibility

Amazon is an extremely complex and powerful tool. With professional setup, regular monitoring, and constant honing of your Amazon ad campaigns, we make sure your ads place high in a competitive market.

  • Lower Advertising Cost of Spend (ACOS)

  • Target Competitor Products & Keywords

  • Show Up for the Most Relevant Keywords

  • Utilize Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, and Display Ad Formats

  • Provide Monthly Analysis and Reporting

Amazon packages on a doorstep

Listing Optimization Converting Visitors to Customers

Getting clicks from your ad is great, but your Amazon product listing is what seals the deal. Whether your brand is registered with Amazon's Brand Registry or not, we can help you make your product pages more appealing.

  • Professional Product Photography

  • Explainer Videos & Graphics

  • Keyword-Optimized Titles & Product Descriptions

  • Enhanced Brand Content (Available to Amazon Registered Brands)

Amazon packages on a doorstep

"As a business owner I have an extremely high value on a marketing agency that is not just an agency but a true partner. That is what I feel about Cougar Digital Marketing!! It's been like having a world class marketing department even though I only have 15 employees. For our particular business ,our Google strategy is the most important part of our marketing and lead generation. I've been highly impressed with their Google strategy and execution. Since taking over our Google accounts we've seen click through and conversion rates go up and the price per click go down! I would recommend the team at Cougar without hesitation!!" David Kaylor

Harvest Valley Pest Control

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