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Targeted Geofencing The Best Way to Stretch Your Advertising Dollar

There's a new buzzword when it comes to internet marketing: Geofencing. In a nutshell, geofencing allows internet marketers like us to really pick and choose who we target based on certain characteristics, so we're delivering your ads to the people who are most likely to purchase your product or service. 

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Can You Describe Your Ideal Customer? Intent-Based Digital Marketing

Traditional online advertising with Facebook and Google ads can be an amazing complement to organic search engine optimization efforts. But most platforms don't allow you to target your audience on a hyper-local level. Geofencing with advanced behavioral targeting allows us to spend more resources on people who are likely to actually make a purchase, rather than those who are just browsing. 



of people keep their location services turned on

Where They Go Location-Based Targeting

With geofencing, we use the location data from users' cell phones to draw digital fences around locations you think your customers visit. While other advertising methods enable you to target a geographic radius, geofencing enables us to get hyper-local—think one store out of an entire strip mall, or one ballroom out of a conference center. 

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What They Do Behavior-Based Targeting

What does your ideal customer do every day? Our online marketing process involves delving deep to find out who your customers are, what they're all about, and what they're worth to you. Then, we help you define the behavioral characteristics of your core audience and develop a creative strategy for targeted advertisements.

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Competitor Targeting It's Not Sabotage, Just Good Business

All's fair in love and business. With geofencing, we use data from cell phones to target people who are in and around your competitors' locations to provide incentives that will win them over. Even better, we can continue to serve them ads for up to 30 days after they've left for maximum effect.


"Cougar Digital is a top notch company. As a business owner you have to be sure that the dollars you are spending are worth the result. All too often we are promised things that never materialize. These guys deliver and they make it easy. I am not computer savvy and I'm sure asked dumb questions. They took all the time necessary to help make sure I understood and was comfortable. Great people too. Highly recommend." Doug Toone

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