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Google Ads (PPC) It's the Quickest Way to the Top

It's a competitive world and there are no guarantees when it comes to search engine optimization. Organic marketing efforts are effective, but they can take a while to produce results, especially if your competition is working against you. Let us show you how to maximize your marketing dollars by taking advantage of powerful online marketing and retargeting technology offered on our premium advertising platforms.

Google search on a white iPad

Intent-Based Targeting On the World's #1 Search Engine

Nothing shows an intent to buy like a Google search, and Google Ads are the easiest way to appear at the top of the search results. We'll do comprehensive keyword research to find out what your customers are searching for, then create an effective pay-per-click ad campaign that will drive them to take action. 

Tri-City Orthopaedics Facebook ad on a smart phone

Improve Brand Awareness & Recognition Display Advertising Across the Web

Showing up for Google searches is great, but studies show that the average user only spends 8 minutes per day on Google. We help you leverage Google's display network to show creative, custom-designed ads to prospective customers on the sites they visit every day. 

targeted display ads

Aim to Re-Engage Retargeting People Who Have Visited Your Site Before

It's a simple fact that most people who visit a site for the first time will leave without taking any action. But that doesn't mean you should let them forget about your brand. With Google, we have the ability to show ads with particular messaging—think discounts and free shipping promotions—to people throughout their buying process. This tactic can be particularly useful for re-engaging people who have abandoned their carts on e-commerce sites.

Google Ads reporting on a laptop

Measuring Your Results With Call Tracking & Advanced Analytics

The number one mistake most businesses make when they advertise is not adequately tracking their efforts. Sure, clicks and impressions and ad position are important, but is the phone ringing more? Are you getting more form submissions from your site? Are people watching the video on your landing page? How long are they on the site before they leave? In those numbers lies the true value of Google Ads.


"As a business owner I have an extremely high value on a marketing agency that is not just an agency but a true partner. That is what I feel about Cougar Digital Marketing!! It's been like having a world class marketing department even though I only have 15 employees. For our particular business ,our Google strategy is the most important part of our marketing and lead generation. I've been highly impressed with their Google strategy and execution. Since taking over our Google accounts we've seen click through and conversion rates go up and the price per click go down! I would recommend the team at Cougar without hesitation!!" David Kaylor

Harvest Valley Pest Control

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