Amazing Content Creation You don't have to be a great writer to show the world you're an expert.

Relevant Content Where it Matters Most

They say "Content is King," and they're totally right. Search engines rank the most useful and relevant information first. They want to make it quick and easy for users to find the information they need. That's why professional copywriting and blogging are such an important part of your digital marketing strategy. We'll make sure your website answers all of your customers' burning questions, so you have the best chance at improving your rankings. 

Cougar Digital Marketing & Design Content Creation Services

Do Your Customers Know You're an Expert in Your Field? Blogging and sharing your content online is the easiest way to show you're a cut above the rest.

You know what you're talking about. You're an expert. Now, let's make sure the whole world knows about it. 

We'll help you make an impression online with quality, informative blog posts on topics your customers care about. Not only does this establish you as an expert in your field, it provides valuable content to share via social media and your email newsletter. As an added bonus, regularly adding new, relevant content to your website shows search engines that you are active and engaged—search engines like that.


"The Cougar Digital team is fantastic. We recently revamped our website. I worked closely with Faith and she was super friendly and helpful every time we talked whether it was email, phone, or in person. The whole team works together to make sure everything is perfect and taken of. They really took our needs into consideration. Thanks!" Melinda Mudd

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Don't Have Time for Blogging? You Do!

We make it easy to create and maintain the blog on your website. Our easy, three-step process takes the hard work off your shoulders and frees you up to focus on growing your business in other ways. 

  • Article Idea Generation

    Need some ideas on where to start with your blog? We'll use search analytics to find topics that are of interest to your customers and generate a list of blog article ideas.

  • Custom Content Creation

    We'll provide you with original content for your blog that is optimized to be found online. By using targeted keywords in each article, we can expand the reach of your website. 

  • Social Sharing

    Getting your content seen online is important, and social sharing is a great way to get your message out there. We can set up automatic social media sharing for every blog post to increase your reach. 

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