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Beautiful Business Videos A New Era of Content Marketing

Video is all the rage when it comes to marketing businesses these days, and for good reason. The statistics show that videos exponentially increase customer interest and engagement. From commercials and product videos to branding and customer testimonial videos, our video production and marketing teams have the technical savvy and knack for strategy that'll help your business soar to new heights.


"Cougar Digital took the time to get to know our firm and our marketing goals before shooting any video. This made the video production process smooth and efficient. A short time after the shoot, their rough draft clips turned out to be nearly perfect final drafts, requiring very little input from us. They have an impressive creative and production team who strikes the right balance between respecting the time of their customers and getting the customer exactly what they want." Bryan Smith

Tamaki Law

Cougar Digital Video Marketing Services

Why Are Videos a Great Marketing Tool?

Let's run through some of the benefits of having videos on your website, shall we? Videos keep visitors on your site for longer. Videos increase user engagement on a website. Videos increase conversion actions on websites. We could go on, but you get the idea. 

But what many people don't think of, is that those same videos can be used across a variety of platforms to improve brand awareness, connect with your audience, and improve search engine optimization. Now that's what we call a stellar return on investment!

Video Production
& Marketing Strategy

Our video production team will sit down with you and formulate your video strategy, including topics, location, key messaging, and how you're going to incorporate video marketing into your existing digital marketing plan.

Long & Short
Video Production

We offer our clients the opportunity to tell their story with long production videos, a collection of short videos, or a combination of the two—whatever it takes to help you reach your business goals. 

Superior Video
Production Services

We will provide you with high-quality, commercial ready videos that are easily uploaded to your website, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Not sure how to make the most of your video assets? Our video marketing experts can help.

Where to Use Video in Digital Marketing

Video is becoming a big player in content marketing, and its presence is only going to grow. In fact, industry experts estimate that 60% of all content found online will be video. 

  • YouTube Videos

    YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. Hosting meaningful, engaging videos on YouTube positions your business as a leader in the industry and gains you a competitive advantage in the search results. 

  • Website Videos

    Showcase what your business is all about with custom videos embedded on your web pages. Give your customers more information about your business, services, and location, so they can connect on a personal level. 

  • Client Testimonials

    What better way to show your value to prospective customers than video testimonials? Take the opportunity to talk with happy customers and let them share their own stories (and do all the selling for you)!

  • Email Marketing

    Promote new services and specials right to your customers' inboxes with a personalized video message. Set triggers to send upon certain events such as anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and more!

  • Facebook Covers

    Facebook now allows you to upload short video clips as your Facebook Page cover. Use this highly visible real estate to showcase your business, emphasize new and featured products, advertise sales, and more!

  • Online Advertising

    Facebook ads with videos consistently outperform those with just text and images. Why? Because they communicate so many different components of your company's message in a way that viewers love. 

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