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Amazing Content Creation You Don't Have to be a Great Writer to Show the World You're an Expert

They say "Content is King," and they're totally right. Search engines rank the most useful and relevant information first. They want to make it quick and easy for users to find the information they need. That's why professional copywriting and blogging are such an important part of your digital marketing strategy. We'll make sure your website answers all of your customers' burning questions, so you have the best chance at improving your rankings. 

Relevant, Meaningful Content for Your Website Because There’s Nothing Worse than Fluff

Ten to fifteen years ago, websites could get away with keyword stuffing and content that was essentially all fluff and no substance. Since then, Google’s search algorithms have gotten smarter and web users have started holding brands to a higher standard. It’s about relevance. It’s about quality over quantity. It’s about providing value before they ever pick up the phone or set foot in your office.

Tri-Cities Orthopeadics brochure

Creative Copywriting for All Your Marketing Materials Stay on Point to Sell Your Brand

Branding doesn’t stop at logos and design—how you communicate your brand’s message is equally as important. It’s important to convey the same points, tone, and style in your messaging across all your marketing materials, including flyers, brochures, email newsletters, social media posts, and any other way you communicate with current and prospective customers.

Tri-Cities Orthopeadics brochure

Establish Yourself as an Expert Blogs Are Still Useful. Here’s Why

You know your stuff. You're an expert. Don’t keep it to yourself! Every day, customers are out on the web, searching for answers to questions you know the answers to. Share your knowledge with regular blog posts optimized to show up in those search results. Blogging provides a huge opportunity to create informative content for more nuanced questions not answered in your main website copy.

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One Piece of Content, Multiple Uses Making the Most Out of Great Content

We’ve already established that blogging is great for SEO. So is regularly adding new, relevant content to your website, which shows search engines that you are active and engaged. Need more reasons to invest in content creation? Great content on your site is also perfect fodder for other outreach like social media posts and email newsletters. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel each time!

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Cascade Design & Apparel website on multiple devices

"The Cougar Digital team is fantastic. We recently revamped our website. I worked closely with Faith and she was super friendly and helpful every time we talked whether it was email, phone, or in person. The whole team works together to make sure everything is perfect and taken of. They really took our needs into consideration. Thanks!" Melinda Mudd

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