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Why Are your Competitors Ranking Higher Than You? These 5 Factors Might Be Sabotaging Your Success

Tracy Iseminger

Tracy Iseminger

15 minute read


You may wonder "why are your competitors ranking higher than you?" when you see your name in search further down the list. There are many ranking factors that come into play and some simple steps you can take to help move your business to the top.

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It's a Competitive World Out There.

The collective term for things you can do that influence how you are found by search engines is called SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is not a single thing, there are many components that work together to influence your online presence.

To determine why your competitors are outranking you, it's important to do a thorough local audit to see which pieces of the SEO puzzle they are outperforming you in.

Cougar Digital Marketing offers this service for an in-depth look at your competitors and will make custom recommendations for your business based on the results.

Google Ranking Factors

Here are a few factors Google takes into consideration when ranking websites.


Online reviews is one of the easiest ways to boost your visibility in search results. Google reviews especially will play an important role in your "social trust" and impact where you are placed in Google local search results.

Securing authentic reviews couldn't be easier with our review capture and management system. Get it implemented quickly and easily and boost your reviews almost instantly.


Having an up to date and optimized website is essential. On-page SEO is a major factor in how Google indexes your website to be found in search results.

Important features to include in your website optimization include targeted keywords for each page on your site, proper meta tags and descriptions, schema markup with maps, as well as making your site mobile-ready and user-friendly.


Citations are simply your name, address and phone number (NAP) listed in online directories. It's essential that you have the leading listings in your niche and that they are consistent.

Having multiple variations of your NAP is confusing for Google and can result in your business being shown less in search results.

Creating quality citations also serve as backlinks to your website, giving Google more "social proof" that your website is an important reference in your area.


Your businesses social presence can also impact how you are found in search results. Often you will see a business Facebook Page or a Yelp Page pop up in organic search results above a website.

Why is this? Because Google views active and popular social pages with the same regard as websites. If the social page shows value, it will serve it in search results.

By optimizing your social pages with keywords, providing great content, engaging and securing reviews, your business can rank for both your website and social accounts.


Online advertising campaigns are one line item that can boost your visibility above and beyond your competitors. By targeting your key audience and keywords, your business can be shown above your competitors in search and on social platforms.

In highly competitive markets, it's almost impossible to avoid having to add advertising campaigns to your strategy to beat out all the competition.

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Get a Local SEO Audit

Contact Cougar Digital Marketing to discuss an in-depth local competitor audit and get custom recommendations how you can get your business ranking higher on Google.

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