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4 Steps to Convert Website Visitors Into Paying Customers

4 Easy Steps to Convert Website Visitors into Paying Customers

You have a business website, but where are the customers? This is an all too frequent problem we see with small businesses online. The customers are making it to the website so we know there is interest in the product, however, those visitors are not producing sales. Take these 4 easy steps to convert website…

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How to Use Facebook for Small Businesses

How to Use Facebook for Small Businesses

As a digital marketing company, we often get asked by clients if using Facebook is necessary for small businesses and how to use Facebook to create new customers. The answer isn’t universal for all markets, but for most, Facebook is essential for small businesses to help new customers and drive sales. Decide if it’s right…

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What Do I Need to Have on My Business Website?


Every business can benefit from having a great website making it easier for customers to connect, but when it comes time to plan the website, many people don’t know exactly what they should put on it. Finding the balance of too much or too little information can be a challenge, however, there are a few…

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