How to Make Professional Looking Video Without Breaking the Bank

Video is BIG in the digital marketing world. Today, video is used on a variety of platforms online from your website to many social media channels.  It creates the opportunity to connect with customers on a different level and lets you communicate exactly what you have to offer. While professional video services offer video footage you can't create on your own, there are a few options to create professional looking videos for your business without breaking the bank!

How to Make Professional Looking Video Without Breaking the Bank!

Phones today offer a quick and easy way to capture video anywhere. The quality of the video may not be top grade, but in the age of social media, casual footage can add a personalized effect, giving people a chance to get to know you.

Take a few video clips touring your facility, interview staff and customers, do a short lesson, or highlight a few products. Short clips such as these are great for sharing on social media platforms.

Snap a few photos while you're at it and create a photo montage. YouTube has a built in tool for this which makes it easy to throw something together in a few minutes!

Once you've captured your short video clips, utilize the many available apps to edit them to add some flair.

Apps such as Magisto, Smilebox, and WeVideo make editing video and giving a professional look easy without spending a lot of money.

You can also use the Windows Movie Maker or download a simple editor like Filmora Wondershare to create simple videos.

More and more social media platforms are letting you "Go Live" on your profile to connect with your followers in real time.

Take this opportunity to do some question and answer sessions, product demonstrations or walking tours.

The options are endless and allow you to directly engage with your customers.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat are perfect for sharing your stories live!

Hiring a professional doesn't have to break the bank. Establish a small budget to start with and build your video inventory over time.

Plan your video sessions carefully and you can create multiple short videos from one video shoot. Perhaps the next month, you can bring in a drone for nice aerial footage. Each month you can target a different video aspect to add to your collection.

Cougar Digital offers many different solutions to work with you and your budget.

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