Is Your Website Getting Stale? How You Can Bring Your Website into the 2020s Without a Full Re-Design

Travis Hartliep

10 minute read


The site you paid to have built from scratch a year ago is still working for you. However, not unlike an employee doing the same job with zero grooming for months on end, it might not be working at its full potential.

What is a Website Refresh? How is it Different from a Full Re-Design?

A website consists of copy, colors, layout, and background code. Obvious right? But what happens to your site over the course of a year's worth of technological advancement? It becomes that kid next door who has started growing out of their clothes. You watch as their seams stretch and threadbare spots appear, all the while they move slower every week due to less flexibility. Your website is the same way, and a refresh fixes this without having to start from scratch.

While a full redesign may provide the opportunity to overhaul the site's appearance, a refresh may be a better financial choice that will still gain the interest of your visitors. It will certainly make Google take another glance and potentially push up your popularity in rankings.

How Often Does My Site Need to Be Refreshed?

Generally speaking, we recommend brands consider a website refresh every 12-18 months.

But when it comes down to it, our core mission is to help your business achieve its goals. Instead of a one-time transaction, we consider your site to be the foundation of an ongoing partnership. It's our job to make sure your site is growing with the scope of your business and reflecting the improvements and new functionality that may attract new visitors and retain your existing clients.

How Old Is Your Website?

It never hurts to take a moment to make sure your website is still reflective of your brand. Get in touch with us to set up a meeting, and we will sit down with you and discuss all the changes you've made since your last major update.