About Cougar Digital A few rad people who also happen to be digital marketing experts.

You simply won't find a digital marketing company that's more fun to work with. 

We also happen to be pretty great at helping small businesses reach new levels of success with a bunch of highly-effective digital marketing solutions. 

Travis Hartliep

Travis Hartliep Owner | President

Josh Kandle

Josh Kandle Director of Marketing

Faith Harral

Faith Harral Senior Creative Web Designer

Mykaela Faulconer

Mykaela Faulconer Creative Designer & Photographer

Tayler Christensen

Tayler Christensen SEO Strategist

Diane Hansen

Diane Hansen Senior Copywriter & Marketing Strategist

Ashley Hite

Ashley Hite SEM Manager & Designer

Tracy Iseminger

Tracy Iseminger Social Media Strategist