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Online Advertising Reach Beyond Your Website with Internet Marketing

Your potential customers are out and about on the web, right now. They're talking about their favorite products, leaving reviews for their favorite companies, and looking for answers to questions you can answer. With online advertising, we help you reach them where they are and provide value that builds trust and engagement with your brand. 

Google Ads (PPC)

Grab the top spot on the world's most popular search engine with pay-per-click advertising.

Facebook Ads

Reach customers on the website and app they already spend a ton of their time on.

Targeted Display Ads

Take your audience targeting up a notch with geofencing, contextual, and behavioral targeting. 

Local Service Ads

Service providers can secure the very top spot in Google and get highly-targeted leads with this new ad type.

Email Marketing

Consistently engage your prospects and customers to keep them coming back for more. 


Utilize the popularity of Facebook Messenger and the power of AI to engage with people on another level. 

Marketing Partnership Because a Rising Tide Raises All Boats

Sure, we'll help you launch a one-off Facebook ad campaign. We'll build you a new website or design a business card. But over the last decade, we've found that standalone marketing efforts will never do as well as a comprehensive marketing strategy that leverages the power of different platforms to nurture your prospects and customers throughout the sales cycle. 

Watch the Free Webinar How Small Businesses Can Win Big With Audience Targeting

If you could put your brand in front of people you knew were more likely to buy, would you do it? Of course you would! No matter what industry you're in, you're always trying to get the word out to your target audience. But demographics and location-based targeting can only get you so far.

In this webinar, we'll discuss how you can reach a carefully tailored audience of prospects actively interested in your products and services while also drastically reducing wasted spend in your marketing budget.


" Intelligent. Creative. Prompt. Local. 2 thumbs in the air for Cougar Digital!" Brandan Eckhardt

Petersen Hastings

Reporting with Real-World Data

Many business owners use a “set it and forget it” approach to marketing that just doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s important to stay engaged with your marketing efforts and constantly evaluate what’s working and—just as importantly—what isn’t. We use advanced reporting tools to provide real-world metrics that you can take to the bank, like these:

  • Phone Calls

  • Form Submissions

  • Video Views

  • Link Clicks

  • Page Views

  • Store Visits

  • Downloads

  • Branded Searches

  • Email Engagement

  • Chatbot Engagement

  • Social Media Interactions

  • Time on Site

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