Targeted Display Ads

What's the best way to stretch your advertising dollars? Geofencing, Demographic & Behavioral Targeting

There's a new buzzword when it comes to internet marketing: Geofencing. In a nutshell, geofencing allows internet marketers like us to really pick and choose who we target based on certain characteristics, so we're delivering your ads to the people who are most likely to purchase your product or service.

Can you describe your ideal customer?


Traditional online advertising with Facebook and Google ads can be an amazing complement to organic search engine optimization efforts. But most platforms don't allow you to target your audience on a hyper-local level. Geofencing with advanced demographic and behavioral targeting allows us to reach your target audience while minimizing wasted ad spend.

We Help You Target Prospective Customers Based on:

  • Places and businesses they visit (including your competitors' locations)

  • What they are reading about online

  • What they are searching for online

  • Their buying habits

  • What they are in the market for

  • Their financial, household, and career situations

  • How they have interacted with your website

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"Cougar Digital is a top notch company. As a business owner you have to be sure that the dollars you are spending are worth the result. All too often we are promised things that never materialize. These guys deliver and they make it easy. I am not computer savvy and I'm sure asked dumb questions. They took all the time necessary to help make sure I understood and was comfortable. Great people too. Highly recommend."

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A new way to track conversions Measuring Your Results

With geofencing, we draw digital fences and use (anonymous) data from users' mobile devices to show them ads if they enter those areas. But we can also use the same technology to identify how many people saw or clicked on an ad and then visit your physical storefront. It's just one more way we're able to show ROI.