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Video is all the rage when it comes to marketing businesses these days, and for good reason. The statistics show that videos exponentially increase customer interest and engagement. From commercials and product videos to branding and customer testimonial videos, our video production and marketing teams have the technical savvy and knack for strategy that'll help your business soar to new heights.

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Get to know our process How the Video Production Process Works

Discovery (Vision)

This is where we talk about your goals for the project and flesh out the most important details like what you want the video to do, where will it be used, what type of video do you envision, how long will it be (ish), do you have a script or are we writing it and, of course, your budget.

Preproduction (Storyboarding)

Here’s where we dive in and build out a plan for what the video is going to look like and what it needs to communicate. We plan every aspect of the video from core concept to scripting through acting and voice talent, location(s), and overall look and feel of the finished product.

Production (We’re Rolling)

This is where we are on set executing the plan in front of the cameras. Our team includes individuals skilled in directing, camera operation, audio capture, and lighting. We go to work dialing in these elements to ensure that your video exceeds your expectations.

Post-Production (Editing)

In post-production everything comes together and your project starts taking shape. We build out the timeline, lay in music and voiceovers, make color corrections, create motion graphics to accompany the footage, and pull everything together to create a video that you’ll be stoked to show off.

5 stars

"I recently coordinated several marketing projects for the Benton Franklin Census 2020 Complete Counts committee. Josh and Ashley at Cougar Digital provided great service and expertise. We utilized Cougar for several campaigns, including Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Display Ads and video production. The quality and creativity were great and I highly recommend them. They also adapted extremely well when COVID-related restrictions were put into place half way through the project. Thank you so much!"

Michele Roth
Census 2020

Take a look at some more of our work Video Production Case Study

The non-profit group Benton-Franklin Census 2020 contracted us to produce a telenovela spoof mini series with the goal of engaging and educating the general public about the key messaging points surrounding the 2020 Census with the ultimate goal of increasing Census completion rates in Benton and Franklin Counties.

Check out the Character
Promo for the Series:

And the Animated Intro
Featuring a Custom Theme Song:

A Collaborative Project

We collaborated with Sonar Insights who wrote the scripts for four episodes and assisted with on-set direction and logistics. We produced four episodes in two languages (Spanish and English), featuring four actors, four sets, a motion graphics animated introduction with a custom theme song and professional voiceover narration throughout.

  • 2 Languages

  • 4 Episodes

  • 4 Sets

  • 2 Days of Shooting

  • 4 Actors

  • 1 Animated Logo

  • 1 Custom Theme Song

  • Professional Voice Over

  • 1 Character Promo

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Distribution: The Results Are In March 2020 - June 30, 2020

Quality video takes time, planning, equipment, strategy and execution. But even when all these factors come together to create an awesome video, it doesn’t do anyone any good if no one sees it. That’s where distribution comes in and is a step that many video production companies overlook. Luckily, our digital advertising chops come in handy in this arena. We plugged the four finished episodes into a YouTube campaign, targeted programmatic campaign and a Facebook ad campaign. Below are stats on the exposure and conversions that those advertising vehicles resulted in.


We used demographic and rural location targeting to serve video and image ads in both English and Spanish.

  • 320,222 Ad Impressions

  • 1,355 Website Visits

  • 132 Census Completions

Targeted Display Ads

We used demographic and geo-targeting to serve ads in English & Spanish across computers, mobile phones and connected TVs.

  • 440,160 Ad Impressions

  • 496 Clicks

  • 76 Returned to the Site After Seeing an Ad

YouTube Ads

We served in-stream skippable 15- and 30-second ads as well as 5-second non-skippable ads in English and Spanish. 


  • 1,730 Clicks

  • 55+% View Rate

Up your production value Animated Logo Stingers

Logo stingers take your static branding up a notch by incorporating animation. When done right, these treatments elevate the perceived value of the brand and make a memorable impact on the viewer.

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