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Do a quick search for "best tacos near me." Odds are, you'll find a slew of online directories among the top search results.

Having your website listed in online directories and search engines is important in helping people find you. These listings not only need to be present—they need to be consistent. Having multiple variations of your name, address, and/or phone number online is confusing for search engines and can hurt your results. By creating quality and consistent listings with links back to your site, you will establish yourself as a prominent authority in your industry and boost your organic search rankings.

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You’ve got a Facebook page. You’ve claimed your Yelp listing. Maybe you’re a pro and have optimized your Google My Business listing. But odds are you haven’t claimed and customized your profile every one of the hundreds of online directory sites out there. If that’s the case, these directories will scrape whatever information they can from other sources around the internet, whether the information is right or wrong. Making sure your business is listed and, more importantly, that the listings are exactly consistent is essential to building trust with both users and search engines.