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10 Local Online Listings Every Business Should Have

local online listings & citations

There are many local online listings or citations that businesses can secure to help improve searchability. While there are industry specific directories, there are some key local online listings that are essential for any niche in helping your customers find you. What is a Citation? Simply speaking, a citation is your business name, address, and…

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Why Are your Competitors Ranking Higher Than You?


You may wonder “why are your competitors ranking higher than you?” when you see your name in search further down the list. There are many ranking factors that come into play and some simple steps you can take to help move your business to the top. The collective term for things you can do that influence how…

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Claiming and Setting Up Your Google My Business Page


Setting up and claiming your Google My Business page is essential in today’s world of SEO.  If you want to ensure your small business is being found and shown in search results, completing your Google Business Page is an important first step.Having a well-built website isn’t enough. Even using all the proper location tags, search…

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5 Tips for Local SEO Multi-Location Businesses


We’ve covered what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing is in the past on our Cougar Digital Blog. These principles are easy to grasp and put into place for small local businesses with one location, but what about businesses with more than one location? How do multi-location businesses target local markets in search? Today…

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Blog SEO: How to Optimize Blog Posts


Writing a blog on your business website can greatly increase your chances of being found in search engine results by your customers. However, just writing the blog post isn’t enough.  Your blog post should be optimized for SEO just as the rest of your website should be. (see What is SEO?)What is Blog SEO?Simply stated,…

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What is a Keyword and How Do I Use it on My Website?


If you own your own business and have a website, you’ve probably heard about digital marketing, SEO and utilizing keywords to drive customers to your page.  It can all be a bit overwhelming and confusing and leave you wondering, just what is *SEO and what is a keyword and how do I use it?  *see What…

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Reading Your Monthly SEO Report


As part of our SEO package, we will supply you with monthly SEO reports for your website which may include a variety of information that can be useful in guiding you further in increasing your SEO rank and marketing strategies. I will break down what each section you may find means and how that information…

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is exactly as it sounds. Simply put, SEO is optimizing your business or brand to be found and rank highly on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The confusing part is deciphering what exactly you need to do for optimization as there is no set rule or single…

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