Law Firm Marketing

What's the secret to practice growth?

Finding Success in a Industry

The secret to growing your law practice is that…there is no secret. There’s no magic bullet, no one tried-and-true solution when it comes to law firm marketing. It’s a complicated, diverse industry, and the market is flooded with competition. You’ve got to stand out in all the right ways—appealing your law firm to people actively looking for lawyers while making a lasting impression on those who aren’t. Are you up for the challenge? We are.

Be modern, be professional, be unforgettable When People Think of Your Brand, What Comes to Mind?

A law firm’s reputation carries a lot of weight to people looking for a lawyer. Your website and marketing materials should therefore convey trust, integrity, professionalism, and a track record that gives people the confidence to say, “That’s who I want to represent me.” 


People are searching for lawyers... Make Sure Your Advertising Stands Out

We probably don’t have to tell that the legal industry is one of the most competitive out there. Occupying that precious real estate in front of your target audience takes skill, creativity, and a strategic approach that includes a variety of online advertising platforms.

Client success stories Heartfelt Video Testimonials from Clients

Statistics that show your cases won and your record-setting settlements are a great way to promote yourself to prospective clients. But speaking to them on a more human level can also be incredibly effective. Testimonial videos featuring former clients telling their stories and explaining what a difference your law firm made in their life reaches people in a way that numbers just can’t.

All your marketing in one place We'll Do What We Do Best, So You Can Do What You Do Best

When you're running a business, the last thing you should have to worry about is managing your marketing. Don’t just hire an agency—work with a company who will be your partner in all things marketing and who will be just as committed to your success as you are.

tablet with metrics displayed

What about ROI? Tracking What Matters Most

Marketing without tracking results is like trying a case without finding out the verdict. How can you tell whether your strategy worked? We’re not here to just spend your money. We want to provide real results—a return on investment you feel good about.

We use a suite of tools that enables us to keep track of the metrics that matter most to you. After all, it doesn’t matter how many clicks you get; if the phone isn’t ringing more, if you aren’t getting more consultations and ultimately cases, what’s the point?

Want a real-world case study? The Results Speak for Themselves

Take a look at the year-over-year results our client Tamaki Law achieved after we built them a new website and began advertising on Google and Facebook.
(Data comparisons Jan 1 - August 12, 2018 vs Jan 1 - August 12, 2019)


Increase in Site Visitors


Lower Bounce Rate


Increase in Site Conversions
5 stars

"They have an impressive creative and production team who strikes the right balance between respecting the time of their customers and getting the customer exactly what they want."

Bryan Smith
Tamaki Law