Should You Use Smartphone Photos for Your Website?

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Smartphone Cameras

Here are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to smartphone photos.

What They’re Good For: Social Media Photos

Any smart marketer knows that pictures are at the heart of your social media presence. Simply put, images create more user engagement than any other kind of post, and the ubiquity of smartphones means it’s never been easier to provide regular, meaningful updates on all your social media channels.

What They’re Not Great For: Websites

Your website is often a person’s first impression of your business. Smartphones take great photos, but the compressed size of smartphone photos mean they are rarely large enough to look great on all devices-especially for background photos. Fuzzy, granulated, discolored, or distorted pictures look unprofessional and might very well cost you business.

What They’re Sometimes Good For: Headshots

If you’re desperate for team photos but really don’t have the budget, a smartphone camera can be used for headshots in a pinch. Just make sure the person is well lit, try to frame the person similarly in each photo, and use a tripod. Then, when the budget allows, upgrade to professional headshots.

high res vs low sized

Professional Photography

You should always hire a professional photographer for these projects:

  • Website Photography
  • Product Photos
  • Aerial Photos
  • Printed Graphics

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Photographer

You can usually tell when a photo has been taken by a professional photographer, and here’s why:

  • They Know How to Frame Photos Properly
    Photography is an artform, and professional photographers have spent a good portion of their lives learning and perfecting the principles of good photography.
  • They Take Higher-Resolution Photos
    DSLR cameras can take drastically larger pictures than your smartphone can. More pixels mean fewer problems when it comes to sizing your photo. Plus, they shoot in a special mode that allows crisper, more detailed editing.
  • They Have Lighting Equipment
    With professional lighting, subjects are always well lit and colors pop.
  • They Can Edit, Resize, Cut Out and Correct Photos Properly
    Need the background dropped from a photo? Want that blemish on your nose removed? A professional photographer can edit your photo the right way-so it looks like it was never touched. 

Not everyone has the budget to hire a professional photographer for every single picture they need for their business. But understanding the limitations of smartphone cameras can help you decide what you can safely take yourself and what’s worth making an investment.

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