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How to Create an E-Mail Signature That Rocks

Travis Hartliep, Custom E-Mail Signature

E-mail is an essential form of communication for any business. With more people on the go with busy schedules, a vast majority of discussions take place via the inbox. How can you leverage that communication? A powerful e-mail signature. Want to know how to create an e-mail signature that rocks? Let’s take a look at…

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5 Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Website


You have a website but you’re just not getting new customers online. It’s an all too common problem we hear and there can be many reasons why your website isn’t bringing in new customers. Don’t be a victim of the pitfalls. Learn the five mistakes businesses make with their website, and what it takes to…

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How to Remove Reviews from Yelp

How to Remove Reviews from Yelp

Keeping track of your business reviews is important. When you see issues, it’s essential you know how to remove reviews from Yelp. Reviews… we LOVE them for our small businesses right? They help customers understand the value of your services, give you social proof, boost your visibility online, and generate new loyal customers. That is…

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5 Facebook Tips for Small Businesses


Go Visual Consumers love graphics.  Your message will likely be more attractive and better received by your potential customers if you use large attractive graphics and video. Capture their attention and engage them, enticing them to click through to your website. Include a Call to Action Don’t just give out valuable information without guiding the…

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Does My Business Need a Blog?


With all the talk of SEO and increasing your customer reach digitally, the topic comes up often, and many are confused as to why they would need a blog if they already have a business website.The fact is your business website and a blog offer two entirely different values to your customers. Your business website gives…

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What is Digital Marketing?


Digital Marketing is a term you likely have heard if you are a business owner and it’s something that is absolutely essential for your success. Simply put, digital marketing is any form of promotion of your business, brand or product on electronic media. Included in this umbrella of digital marketing is websites, online ads, social…

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