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Want to keep 'em coming back for more? Make Your Brand Unforgettable

Your brand is more than a logo or design—it's who you are as a company. Impress your customers from the get-go with a stylish, cohesive brand that intrigues the mind and inspires loyalty. Our expert graphic designers will help you hone your brand and incorporate it throughout your marketing efforts.

Tri-City Orthopaedics Branding That Resonates

As a one-stop shop digital marketing agency, we love it when a client is able to utilize the full force of our marketing partnership. Tri-City Orthopaedics has certainly done that—from their logo and website to brochures, flyers, and online advertisements,  we've been able to provide a cohesive set of branded marketing materials that emphasizes their aesthetic and core values.

Tri-City Orthopaedics

"I have been very happy with Cougar Digital. They built and maintain our website while creating a strong web presence for our business. I recommend them as your digital partner!"

Scott Faringer
Tri-City Orthopaedics

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It doesn't have to be complicated

Think You Don't Need a Brand?

A brand is the perception people have about your business or product. We work with you to shape that perception by digging deep to find those special characteristics and values that will ensure your brand is positioned to stand out. We're all about creating brands that connect emotionally as well as visually with their target audience.

Have a well-established business? You may already have a brand and not even realize it. We'll help you discover it and unlock its potential.

Once we identify your brand, we unite the research, design and message consistency to deliver the most compelling graphical elements to visually express it. These can include a logo, tagline, color palette and more—all carefully honed to help effectively and consistently communicate your brand in every marketing piece across all media on and off the web.

Tri-Cities Tutoring
5 stars

"Josh Kandle at Cougar Digital Marketing helped develop a logo for my new tutoring business. The results were above and beyond my expectations! Josh's creativity, and his understanding of what I was looking for, came together to create a logo that I am proud to use across my business! I would highly recommend Cougar Digital Marketing to anyone who is looking for help designing a logo for their own business."

Ryan Orr
Tri-Cities Tutoring